Kevin C. – Your Digital Ninja


Who you are as a couple should be the story that gets told in your wedding pictures. The day is perfect; you've just said "I do"; and your photographer has just captured that epic kiss for all eternity. Kevin C. will personalizes each wedding by getting to know clients by customizing his boutique-style of shooting, which is to say to fit your personalities while celebrating the romance and grandeur of your special event.

Kevin C. promotes his belief that the person you sign your contract with should be the same person that is on your doorstep the day of your wedding, which is why he only shoots one event at a time—yours, and only yours.

Makeup by Christine


Hiring a professional makeup artist is something we strongly recommend for your wedding day. It’s a long day and your face needs to look fresh and perfect from morning till night. Plus, if your make up has been applied professionally, you will look that much better in your wedding photos. Cameras will pick up any sort of flaw, including poorly applied foundation! With a competent make up artist with you that you’re comfortable with and trust, it will be an essential start to your most important day.

Darling Events/D.E. Music Entertainment loves “Makeup by Christine” and highly recommends this makeup professional to all of our clients, be it for a bride, a mother of the bride, or even grandmother of the bride and children, Sweet 16’s and anyone who is having a special day center around them or their gals of honor.

What we love about Christine is she truly works “with” you. She’s helpful, educational, and enthusiastic. She is a wedding makeup professional, not an amateur.

A few recommends from Christine:

  • At your trial booking (which we highly recommend as well and believe to be invaluable), try to wear similar color clothing to your wedding dress. Wearing strong colors can reflect on the face and slightly alter the way your make up appears. On your wedding day, remember to wear a top that can easily be removed without damaging hair or make up!
  • Ensure hair and skin is cleansed and free from products. A good facial scrub or applying an exfoliation rub the night before will remove dead skin cells and leave you with refreshed, soft skin. A final rinse in cool water will help to add shine to hair.

Here’s what Christine likes to do... arrange a morning trial to show you how the make-up looks and lasts, and you also benefit from trialing it under different lighting conditions throughout the day.

We are sure you’ll love Christine just as much as we do! Call us to inquire.

Will your look last all day?

brideOne of the keys of good wedding make-up is its longevity, so try and arrange the trial for the morning so you can see how the look lasts throughout the day (good bridal make-up will last all day at least - I’ve even had bridal clients tell me they still loved the look the following morning!). One of the secrets of long lasting make-up is through application and blending, all of which takes time. A good test can be to ask a prospective make-up artist how long they think the look will take to do on the day, and if it is less than an hour, make sure you are happy with the longevity of the look before booking. A morning trial will also let you see how the make-up looks under different lighting conditions. If the make-up starts to deteriorate after a few hours, or doesn’t translate well from natural to artificial light, it’s a good time to think carefully as to whether you’ve found the right make-up artist and the right look for you.

Take some pictures

Finally, take your own camera with you to the trial, and try photographing the look both with and without the flash. Not only will this make sure you have a record of the look, but it will also enable you to see how it is likely to photograph on the day.