1BrideandGroom-KissMany people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage.

Let us help you plan the details of your wedding day while  you and your fiancé get to do a different type of planning - planning for the beginning of the rest of your lives.

Darling Events/D.E. Music Entertainment is able to take care of all of your wedding needs including any engagement festivities through to the last dance. We can plan and host your bridal shower on our own water front property as well!

We also provide all of the music entertainment for your wedding or any occasion, including a full staff of DJ’s and Emcee’s, speciality DJ’s (Spanish, Christian, etc.) photobooths, montages, up-lighting, percussionists, musicians, etc.

We are confident in our staff and promise each client that we will deliver and perform with exceptional quality, no exceptions. When we plan a wedding with our brides and grooms, they are custom-designed with our bride and grooms depicting their weddings as elegant, sophisticated, or maybe instead casual, relaxed, Christian-only, or bi-lingual – whatever you’ve dreamed, it’s our job to fulfill..

Darling Events/D.E. Music Entertainment aims to provide not only the solid traditional ceremonial events, but enjoys customizing an event to the level of “personal”-- so that the bride and groom truly feel that their wedding is like no other. Personal, unique, and talked about years to come. Music at the reception should be memorable. It truly can not only set the tone for the ensuing hours, and leave your guests talking about it with enthusiasm, or… not.

We give you our assurance that our DJ’s and Emcees can be right in the midst of all the fun, or if you prefer, much more subdued and speak only when necessary to address the crowd at large, or somewhere in between – you choose. Our team of DJ’s are experienced, have tons of music selections to choose from (and can find whatever “special” music you’re looking for), professional in dealing with clients and their families and friends, and follow suit with our views on how D.E. Entertainment does business. It’s our job to ensure that your wedding is spectacular, and we will deliver.

That’s why we always say, “Don’t just plan your event, plan to enjoy it.”. Call us to book your first consultation 631-654-1650.

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