Sweet 16’s



Of the many milestones that occur during the teenage years, none is so memorable as a sweet 16 party. Filled with ceremony, food, drink, dancing and entertainment, for girls – and, increasingly, boys – across America, a sweet sixteen party is one of the most memorable events a person can experience in a lifetime. From the tiara to the father-daughter dance, it’s a birthday chock full of "kodak" moments.

If you’re planning on booking a DJ for your Sweet 16 – look no further. We understand teenagers and remain “in the know” by providing excellent service from the get go, which leads to a large referral business.

Our DJ’s are professional, yes; interactive, yes; have state-of-the-art equipment, yes!, Fun…. OH YES!, but beyond that, they are also attentive to teenager’s wishes, and let’s face it, they can change frequently, and that’s O.K.!

Here’s what makes us different from other DJ companies: We always meet face-to-face initially with our clients, including their parents, and friends – whomever they’d like to bring! In that consultation, we spend time getting to know their likes and dislikes, not just relative to their music selections, but overall. Our job is not just to “land the sale”. We don’t like those tactics when we go out and shop, so we don’t apply those tactics when we meet with our clients. We build trust; we build a rapore. That’s how Darling Events/D.E. Music Entertainment does business and we don’t settle for less. We also make a promise… the DJ we select for you is the one that will be at your event. Far too often we see in this business a “bait and switch”-- happens more than you know. The one we say will be there, will be there. If Jeff is personally going to Emcee for your party, for example, there will be none other. We don’t ever want our clients to be surprised or disappointed. We mean what we say, and we say what we mean.

We will walk you the entire process, be with you along the way including offering assistance with song selection…and we take notes !! We will do our very best to incorporate ALL of your wishes during your Sweet 16 party.

We have all rentals you’d need, as well as partnerships with photographers, videographers, we offer intelligent lighting, step and repeat banners, red carpets, photobooths, montages, and of course, the ultimate candy bar, and a few other surprise bar options too that make you unique from other Sweet 16 parties. Essentially, we are a one-stop shop for your convenience, offering planning, music, and rental services. Call Darling Events/D.E. Music Entertainment to find out more!

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