Valentines Day and Wedding Proposals

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the correlation between Valentines Day and Wedding Proposals?  Their origins and how these origins relate to more recent wedding proposals?  Did you know that the Valentine's Day chocolate boxes were  introduced in 1868 by Richard Cadbury?  Another interesting Valentine's Day fact is that in medieval times girls used to eat strange foods, as it was believed that by doing so they would dream of their future spouse.  Dating back to the Middle Ages (who knew this holiday dated back that far?) young men and women would draw chits from a bowl to know the names of their valentines then would wear the name on their sleeve for the entire week (hmmm, guess that's where "wearing your heart on your sleeve" came from).  The term "courting" also dates back this far to when males would court and praise their beloved with chivalrous deeds and poetry, descended from the ancient traditions associated with Valentine's Day.   Bringing it up to a bit closer to our time (well, somewhat anyway), Hallmark launched its first valentine product in 1913.

One hundred years later, Valentines Day and wedding proposal traditions haven't changed much.  Now, not that I can fathom 50 Billion (yes, B as in Billion) roses being grown,  let alone exchanged between sweethearts, but I do love to  celebrate the day in the current sense.    Who wouldn't want to celebrate the loves of their lives with cards and roses or whatever you especially like?  Let's face, don't we all tend to during the remainder of the year, take each other for granted. So why not celebrate this day!

Of course being event planners, and "celebrators extraordinare" we kinda get into this holiday and all the wonderful ways prospective husbands can prepare for Valentines Day and wedding proposing to their future wives--all with the expectation that their beloved  reply with an emphatic "yes"!

your best proposal

your best proposal

Pause for  moment and recall the way your spouse proposed to you.  My husband went all out - gazebo, singer, keyboardist, guitarist, suit, ring, and personally sung proposal - in a word - smashing.  Of course I said yes.  It's a story to pass on to our children, and unfortunately now for our daughter, no less grand of a proposal will be expected from our future son-in-law. But I digress.

There's many facts surrounding this holiday's origins, some serious; some funny.  To help the prospective couple plan for their own tradition and memories to tell for centuries (or generations anyway), here are the Top 10 engagement rings of the past 10 years.  Let it serve to inspire you, but adore whatever ring your future husband chooses.  After all, like this holiday, it's all about his heart and love for you.




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