Long Island Rustic Theme Weddings

It’s always one of the first things talked about when planning a wedding. What’s it gonna cost? Everyone works within budgets. Fewer have the luxury of luxury. For the majority, costs are of utmost importance, and staying within the proverbial lines is paramount.

Truth be told, often my favorite looks (or themes, if you will) for any occasion are the Long Island rustic theme weddings (or parties). Remember, no one said you have to throw an expensive bash in order to make your party upscale, fun, and although within a budget, ultimately elegant. That true statement can cause some brides and party planners (be it maids of honor, moms of the bride, sisters or friends of an expectant mother, etc.) to breathe a sigh of relief. It ought to. When planning a bash for anyone (surprise, or otherwise), depending on the season, all you may have to do is look right outside in your own garden, (or perhaps your neighbors') to spark ideas on how to incorporate the rustic theme into your party.  The great outdoors can be very inspiring!

Scenic backdrops and tablescapes like thet ones I’ve included here scream authentic, real, beautiful, and elegant, but the common thread is a relaxed feel.  One of the accents I love the most and goes very well with rustic, you guessed it, is candlelight. Creating the look of a big party without the big price tag can easily be achieved with a whole lot of candlelight, be it votives or pillars, or a combination. If you want to bring that romantic glow to your table scape, don’t be afraid to add plenty of candlelight with a touch of flowers, or perhaps even just flower petals, thereby saving you money. This combination is a table setting design, or entire motif, that can be accomplished for very little money. If on a very strict budget where you have to pick and choose where to spend money, we always recommend emphasis on the entertainment. The table settings, on the other hand, can be brought alive with personal rustic touches as seen in these photos. Bringing in as much of your personality into your party is ultimately what your guests will always remember. Lastly, you and your florist can work out the details on how to bring your flowers from the ceremony site to the reception site getting the most for your money.

Here on Long Island, with all of the wineries on the East End, such venues make it easy to include rustic theme elegance and a relaxed feel about your wedding day or celebration. The natural back drop to these venues exude beauty and nature. The word rustic belongs right between the two of those words. One of our favorite East End sites is The Vineyards https://youtu.be/g01HAmGPEls

in Aquebogue, NY  Sky’s the limit in how you can decorate this venue. This exquisite locale can accommodate weddings, business functions, as well as any family celebration. (As an aside, and not everyone knows, they offer seconds of the main course!) At this location, the elegance is free while the details are up to you. When planning an outdoor rustic theme party stick with the old adage ‘less is more”. Let your imagination take over when you have the blank canvas of a mason jar in front of you. If that’s not your strong suit, that’s where family and friends come in. Chances are your guests will notice and comment on the special touches incorporated into your seating area, guest tables, wedding gift table, and even the ladies’ room if you like, making it all memorable.

Don’t mistake rustic for lack of cheer and brightness. There’s no reason not to bring in the color of the season (always less expensive too)! Speaking of seasons, if you’re on the East End and it’s Fall, incorporate pumpkins and apples for very little cost. Vintage details, combined with rustic charm are a win-win combination. Add to that your being surrounded by your family and friends as you exchange your nuptials at your most desired Long Island wedding location, and nothing could be better. Your family, friends and colleagues have been included into the most intimate ceremony – your’s– and with your rustic theme, be assured that what’s in store for the next several hours while you dance and celebrate, is expected to be warm and relaxed. A great way to spend such a special day!




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