Nothing ever remains the same it's said, and we believe it. Things constantly evolve, and that can be a good thing. Keeping up with trends, changes, and evolution with the Long Island DJ music trend for parties is the name of the game in music entertainment. Let's face it, most DJ's on Long Island would agree that some once-very-popular dances such as the Macarena and Hands Up are now quite yester-year. Current DJ trends revolve around....more elegance. Realizing that brides will have already had a Sweet 16, prom or even a former wedding, why revisit these? Elegance, class, sophistication can be accomplished with music without having to glean back to yesteryear or engaging a full  orchestra.

More recently, DJ music trends, at least on Long Island that is, encompass live musicians--brass, vocalists, percussion, or all of the above. I'm a big fan of brass. It makes me think of the groups like the Commodores,The Four Seasons and even Wings, and others of course--meaning when they added these additional touches to their already state-of-the-art songs, the songs just popped and came to life. In cases like this yesteryear is never out of date. Contemporary hits, fused with rythm injections, are a local music trend for weddings. A live saxophone solo, or a live trumpet solo more than easily catches guests attention (and surprise!) as they enjoy their course meals. Likewise, when it's all about crowding the dance floor, guests can make way and gather up the courage to have a try at the percussions  It creates a whole new feel of class and sophistication, and any number of these ideas can be incorporated into your DJ music for your wedding day.

Taking this a step further, good Long Island DJ companies, like D.E.Entertainment, is able to compliment your music plans with additional room ambiance such as intelligent lightingFullSizeRender-11, rythmic strobe lighting, LED uplighting often matching bridal party gown color, etc. A touch of light on the walls immediately warm a room and adds that touch of elegance I mentioned earlier. Don't forget the gobo! It adds a bit more fun with lighted shapes with metal stencils. All of these ideas are the latest Long Island DJ music entertainment.

As music entertainment trends go, this is where we're at. All across Long Island weddings, Sweet 16's, bar/bat mitzvahs alike, incorporate some of these additional touches to set the mood for your event. Once the room mood is set, enjoy setting the mood with your DJ song list, facilitating the two coming together nicely.  Get the walls and music to pop with live musicians, and like they say, you're well on your way. So check out our blogs for how-to's and the latest party trends, as well as the latest Long Island DJ music trends. Discover more by visiting and find out why D.E. Entertainment, a division of Darling Events has continually satisfied and repeat customers all over Long Island, Connecticut and Florida too !



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