jeffandjoeyJeff's creative mind is always working beyond the agenda most Emcees adhere to -- making events he controls as compelling and unforgettable, as well as unique.   Always the commensurate performer he opens with a "wow" and continues to astonish with unmatched flare.  His good taste and timing exists in tandem to control the "temperature" in the party room keeping the excitement building but never entering the realm of trite or kitsch - that is, unless he's going for a humorous parody full of laughs.   Jeff Darling of Darling Events has the ability to identify the strong guests which he'll add to the cast of players, while still recognizing the bashful, and then helping them bloom with his effervescent charm.  Participation is key, and Jeff -- a top-level ballroom dance professional--always gets the crowd jumping with his chops and the skilled DJ's he works with on the floor.  Our most recent examples are found here under Leah and Artie's wedding - bride and groom all had a blast, and the parents of the bride and groom couldn't be happier.   Darling Events always aims to please, and we did it again.  Enjoy watching the videos of one of our DJs and Jeff Darling as Emcee in action.

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