Sailing Week on the Great South Bay

The postmen get their own slogan "nor wind nor rain..,etc." - welp - Darling Events can say NOR DELUGE, NOR 6" OF WATER, etc. Yesterday's event ( a mobile BBQ and waitstaff for the Bellport Yacht Club at the culmination of Sailing Week on the Great South Bay") was a tremendous success despite the deluge of rain. One particular highlight "one server Denise almost having her own buns toasted standing next to the BBQ in tight quarters underneath the tent." Our staff was terrific, not one complaint and all the guests who attended were singing our praises as they enjoyed all signature dishes prepared by Jeff and his food prep, Joe. Jeff's not afraid of hard work for the client's sake. I only wish I had a picture of him with his pants rolled up to his knees while ensuring all guests were served while they too stood in the 6" of water. Ahh, good times! Thank you to everyone who attended and most of our all waitstaff for their hard work!

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