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Valentines Day and Wedding Proposals

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the correlation between Valentines Day and Wedding Proposals?  Their origins and how these origins relate to more recent wedding proposals?  Did you know that the Valentine's Day chocolate boxes were  introduced in 1868 by Richard Cadbury?  Another interesting Valentine's Day fact is that in medieval times girls used to…
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Nothing ever remains the same it's said, and we believe it. Things constantly evolve, and that can be a good thing. Keeping up with trends, changes, and evolution with the Long Island DJ music trend for parties is the name of the game in music entertainment. Let's face it, most DJ's on Long Island would…
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Long Island Rustic Theme Weddings

It’s always one of the first things talked about when planning a wedding. What’s it gonna cost? Everyone works within budgets. Fewer have the luxury of luxury. For the majority, costs are of utmost importance, and staying within the proverbial lines is paramount. Truth be told, often my favorite looks (or themes, if you will) for…
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